Night Life

We may have been around for almost 20 years but we can still hang. In fact, our music scene is one of the many things that keeps people coming back for more. We have been hosting bad-ass bands and dance parties since we opened in 2000. 

nude party tamborine.jpg



We offer live music most Friday and Saturday nights from 10:30 pm -2 am. 
Starving artists gotta get paid so bring 
5 bucks for a cover charge
You gotta be 18 or older to get down with these bands... AND......You guessed it - gotta be 21 or older drink! 


Dont miss out

Thursday, July 6th - Modern Apologies, Stuyedeyed (NYC), Buffalo Motel, and The Cholula Boys
Saturday, July 8th - America is a Mistake, Similar Prisoners, and Self Help
Saturday, July 13th -The Nude Party
DO NOT MISS THIS! This will be the LAST Boone show for Nude Party. They are sure to bring the house down. Check out their latest video! It's going to be FUN!



Want to plaY?

Send us an email with a sample of your music (YouTube, recording, whatever you've got), available dates (if you have them). We'll see if you are able to meet our high standards of only hosting excellent bands. For more info email us.  

Shout out to The Nude Party for letting us use these rad photos. We love hosting y'all! Party on!